Tell me where she is…I’ll go beat her up for ya! Part I

Without being obsessive about it, I have a client who takes very good care of herself…eats organic, does yoga, plays often, etc…and gets massage when her body tells her it’s time.  It’s just her way.  She possesses a high-stress job and her chief complaints usually take the form of neck/shoulder pain and headaches. So, when she contacted me last week with details of her issues and what may be contributing to them, I exhorted her for being so body-aware and for always implementing the advice I give her to expedite her progress.  You know what she says to me?

“People make fun of me for being so aware but, it helps me I know!”

I said, “What?  They make fun of you?”

She replies with, “Yeh…they say ‘oh, you’re going to get massage again??'”

Much to my surprise, I felt a little indignant after that conversation…like I wanted to go find that woman and beat her up for picking on my friend!  And then I realized that this is, of course, a common response by people who don’t receive massage on a regular basis and have preconceived notions that it’s all an indulgent, spa-type experience. So, in true Maria fashion…gloves off!

So let me tell you what I really think!

As I stated in a previous post, about 98% of my clients come to see me for very specific issues…painful ones.  Sadly, with new clients, I am typically their last “resort” and nowhere near their first option.  Most medical staff lack in-depth knowledge regarding soft tissues restrictions and how they cause pain and imbalance…that’s not an assumption – many clients tell me about their conversations with their doctors.  With the lack of doctors on board with massage therapy (and gunning for an MRI, a pill or a knife), it’s no wonder people have a distorted view of what massage really is and can do, not to mention that massage may be an alternative, less invasive therapy.

My next post will be written specifically for the “…massage again??” crowd.  It could take a novel to explain all that massage can do, but I’ll try to keep it brief and to the point.  Actually, don’t take my word for it…just look at what my clients have to say …!testimonials


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